The primary and fundamental responsibility of the Employee Benefit Advisor is to act as an Advocate for the Client and look out for their best interests.

This means essentially that it is the advisor’s responsibility to look out for the interests of the client. Our approach is that “If it is best for our clients then it is best for us.”

We approach our business on the basis that our success depends on providing the most cost effective and efficient employee benefit programs possible. This includes rates, service, benefit levels, and administration. All four of these issues are taken into consideration when developing a program for our clients.

In order to put this type of service into practice we request our clients call us whenever they have a question or problem. It is amazing to us how many employers deal directly with their Third Party Administrator (TPA) or insurance carrier when they have an Employee Benefit Advisor involved in their programs. “It is the job of the advisor to provide service!”

While all the insurance companies and TPA’s that we deal with are anxious to be of help, we find that very often the client ends up dealing with a new person when they call for assistance. They have to waste their time bringing the person up to speed on their situation and hope they are competent enough to resolve their issue. When you call our office for assistance you will get either Ken or Kiehl and they will personally address your needs. This results in your having to make just one phone call rather than potentially having to talk with a number of different people in order to resolve an issue or have a question answered.

The employee benefits world has become more complex and our firm can offer assistance with regard to legal and compliance issues. We also use technology to help clients manage their benefits and stay compliant.