What sets Anchor Group Apart

In an arena where all Employee Benefit Advisors may deliver a variety of services, it is important to demonstrate why you may wish to select us as your Employee benefit Advisor.

We believe it is our proven process that will result in your organization achieving your goals and objectives.

Our proven process:

  1. We identify our client’s goals and objectives and then apply industry knowledge and “outside the box” thinking to achieve these goals.
  2. Over 39 years experience in the Employee Benefit Field
  3. We have developed quantitative methodologies and strategies to compare the cost effectiveness of Third Party Administrators (TPAs) and Insurance Companies.  All Insurance Companies and TPAs say they have “the best” discounts, etc. but with our approach you can actually see the differences documented in a quantities analysis.
  4. A few of our “out of the box” stratagems include:
    • Larger case management over and above what the Insurance Companies/TPAs offer.  We go after the “low hanging fruit” first.  This results in immediate savings.
    • We are aware of laws that other advisors, Insurance Companies and/or TPAs are not utilizing regarding large case management.
    • Why HRAs are better financially for employers than HSAs
    • Various evaluations and analyses that can save clients money done on a contingency basis so that the client only pays if their costs are actually reduced.
    • International Mail Order option